Get comfortable with imperfection

Writing may be the simplest way to create. But writing in a foreign language may not be that easy.

Whenever I started to write something I’d always keep looking back at what I’ve just written down. I’d often get stuck and don’t know what to write at a point. It still doesn’t feel natural to me.

One reason could be that I always want to get things done perfectly. When I started to do something, I’d like to see a beautiful result. But it’s always been hard to meet my own expectations. Because of this, it’s become difficult to start to do things. Procrastination became a habit. Efficiency and productivity left me. Creativity is dying inside of me. To tackle this problem, I just need to put my judgmental ego away and focus on little improvements I’ve made. I need to get comfortable with my own imperfection.

Another reason is that I don’t have too much to express. I’m not used to quickly form opinions about things. Throughout my life I’ve never been put to situations that require intense problem solving and imagination. Even if maths problems from school count, I’ve been away from that for a long time. My mind has become rusty and dull. Few things make me excited and passionate nowadays. To tackle this problem, I need to do some mental exercises, especially those can bring satisfaction and stimulation.

The biggest obstacle I’m facing now is my own pessimistic attitude towards self-education. But as long as I can always remind myself to stop second-guessing myself when things don’t go perfectly, maybe I’ll regain confidence and become a better person.


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